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What We Do

Who We Are

We are an independent state agency that is responsible for carrying out a variety of natural resource stewardship programs here in Seminole County.

The Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District serves all of Seminole County in the area of the conservation and stewardship of our natural resources. We use our resources to help both the residents and the community leaders in the county and in each city to use the natural resources wisely.

The Soil and Water Conservation District also remains dedicated to assisting the agricultural producers and ranchers who have been the backbone of Seminole County throughout our history. We are able to help farmers, growers and ranchers comply with state and federal regulations and to assist them in finding financial resources to implement conservation practices. In addition, we offer soil monitoring programs that control soil erosion. We lead community clean-ups of public lands and waterways.

Perhaps most importantly, the Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District reaches out to the schools to teach the value of protecting our natural resources. We offer programs such as the Envir-o-thon as well as a speech competition and a poster contest. These programs allow young people to learn both the science of conservation and the importance of proper stewardship and of seeking a better way of using our resources.

View our adopted Code of Ethics

View our adopted Bylaws of the SSWCD (Revised 5.12.2020)

The Seminole SWCD operates under Florida Statutes 582 under the Florida Legislature

Charter/creation document (Community development districts may reference Chapter 190, Florida Statutes – Community Development Districts, as the uniform charter, but must include information relating to any grant of special powers)Statute or statutes under which the special district operates, if different from the statute or statutes under which the special district was established. Suggest including Chapter 189, Florida Statutes – Uniform Special District Accountability Act.