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July 2021 Meeting Agenda Posted, Jul 11, 2021

7/13/2021 6pm
Longwood City Hall – 175 West Warren Avenue, Longwood, FL 32750
1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call
4. Approval of Meeting Agenda
5. Approval of June Meeting Minutes
6. Vice Chair Position Status
7. SSWCD Resolution 2021-001: The Florida 5 Ballot Initiatives
8. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Update
Pursuant to Florida law, the public has a right to be heard on all propositions, except when the Board is acting on ministerial or emergency matters, or conducting a meeting exempt from Section 286.011, Florida Statutes. Public comment time on propositions shall be three (3) minutes for individuals and six (6) minutes for group representatives. The right to be heard during quasi-judicial hearings is governed by Florida law. The public will be provided the opportunity to be heard on non-agenda matters at the end of the meeting. Proper decorum will be observed.
10. New Business
a. Resuming the Wild Seminole Trail Cam Program
b. Fundraising Workshop
11. Old Business
a. AFCD Area 4 Meeting
b. AFCD 2021 Meeting
c. Office Space Update
12. Supervisors’ Reports
a. Supervisor Young, Chair
b. Supervisor Heriot, Treasurer
c. Supervisor Kirby, Secretary
d. Supervisor Webb, Public Relations
e. Supervisor Hall
13. New and Old Business Action Item Review
14. Adjournment- Next meeting is Tuesday, August 10th, 2021