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Board, Nov 14, 2021


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 Ed Young
May contain: accessories, glasses, face, head, person, photography, portrait, blonde, hair, adult, female, woman, earring, jewelry, formal wear, and tie
Karen Heriot
May contain: head, person, face, happy, smile, and dimples
Sarah Hall

Board Members

Refer to the Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District By-Laws for specific responsibilities for each Supervisor.

Chair: Ed Young

The Chairperson presides over meetings and is the Primary Representative of the Soil and Water Board.

Vice-Chair: Karen Heriot

The Vice-Chair assumes the duties of the Chair when the Chair is absent and will succeed in the role of Chair in the event that the Chair resigns. Serves as Chairperson for special programs.

Treasurer: Sarah Hall

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records and budget of the SSWCD.

Secretary: Jason Kirby

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining an accurate set of records of meetings and filing records to the Supervisor of Elections and the Office of Agricultural Policy.

Public Relations: Jennifer Webb

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for publicizing official documents and announcements of the SSWCD.


Associate Supervisor: Shaun Kunz

Associate Supervisors are appointed by the Board and assist Board Members with current and ongoing outreach programs.

May contain: face, head, person, photography, portrait, happy, smile, adult, male, and man
Jason Kirby
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Jennifer Webb
May contain: beard, face, head, person, adult, male, and man
Shaun Kunz